The White City "Dark Moths before Burning Embers"

Wynekoop Mansion

After arriving at the Wynekoop residence the investigators Horace Q. Rutherford III and Kitty Westhorne decided to enter into the recently abandoned mansion. Entering through the front basement door Horace Q. Rutherford III came upon a reception room. The adjacent room was an office, at that moment Kitty Westhorne walked into the basement and greeted Horace Q. Rutherford III. Kitty using her accounting skills was able to uncover and make note of a recently instituted life insurance policy, naming Dr. Alice Wynekoop the beneficiary of $5,000.
The investigators entered the next room and were shocked, a body lay upon an operating table. Kitty refused to enter the room, instead she defiantly stood outside the room and pulled her pack of Camels from her coat and began “smoking more than a steam train outta Union Station.” Horace searched the room and found a revolver laying near the body. Examination upon it revealed that three rounds had been discharged from the handgun.

Dark Moths
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