Victor D. Cleugh

Army Engineer


33rd Infantry Division SSI.svg

33rd Infantry Division
108th Engineers

Victor is most definitely a Veteran of the Great War


Born: October 17, 1898

Victor D. Cleugh served in The Great War as a military engineer with the U.S. army. The war was long and hard; even though he was an engineer he saw many horrific events that would scrape away the humanity of even the coldest hearts. After the war he roamed the states in search of meaning after the long bloody war. He went from job to job and place to place, feeling empty while struggling with the past of death and blood. In 1922 while he was in Chicago he met his girlfriend Lillian Wallace and decided to try to settle down with her. They went through many turbulent times, as he struggled to keep a job he became more distant with her.

World War
Activated: July 1917 (National Guard Division from Illinois).Camp Logan, Illinois
Overseas: May 1918.
Returned to U.S. and inactivated: May 1919. Camp Grant, Illinois

His childhood friend Gregory Gregor helped him out by giving him odd jobs. Where Victor became familiar with driving long hours and under stressful conditions. He met many people and even became a partner with Fitz “The Fish” Wittgenstein a dock worker and fixture in the local night life.

Victor D. Cleugh

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